August 19th – 26th

2014 Event

In 2014 we did not take our normal P-Town vacation . Instead Kevin and I decided to get married and have our family and friends join us in the celebration at the Provincetown Inn located at the point of the circle.  Below are several pictures from the festivities!

Clark-Voytas--(1328)__09_13_14 Clark-Voytas--(1282)__09_13_14 Clark-Voytas--(0623)__09_13_14 Clark-Voytas--(0385)__09_13_14 Clark-Voytas--(2021)__09_13_14 Clark-Voytas--(0015)__09_13_14 Clark-Voytas--(1789)__09_13_14 Clark-Voytas--(0791)__09_13_14 Clark-Voytas--(2471)__09_13_14 Clark-Voytas--(0078)__09_13_14

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