August 19th – 26th

T & J’s P-Town Party

Accommodations: P-town Inn or wherever you want

Saturday, August 19th     –   7:00 PM

The Harbor Lounge

Informal gathering for drinks before Miss Richfield

8:45 PM

Paramount at the Crown & Anchor

Miss Richfield 1981 (comedian extraordinaire)

Ticket price: $33.50 to $43.50

Everyone will just get their own tickets. The tickets are not yet available for 8/19. We’ll let you know when they are.

The A-House

After watching Miss Richfield 1981, please join us at A-House @

6 Masonic Pl.

Sunday, August 20th – 2:00 PM

Chez Rich, Bruce, Ed, Randy & Kevin’s Ptown Condo

Cocktail reception

9A Winthrop St.

Boatslip – 4:00 PM

Tea Dance

If you are not familiar with it . . . well, you just have to experience it!

Dinner on Sunday night will be on your own.  Ask one of us for any suggestions.

Joon Bar & Kitchen

After dinner, please join us at Joon Bar @  133 Commercial Street just past the Monkey Bar.

Monday, August 21st

Make sure to buy eye protection for the Solar Eclipse that will happen on Monday afternoon from approximately 2 PM to 4:20 PM.

Dinner at Mistralino

A reservation has been made for their patio for 6:00 PM….. Thanks Lisa! (Shout-out)

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