August 19th – 26th

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Do they Ship?


Tide Going Out


Ruggie’s Breakfast ~ yummmm!


Sharks in the Park in Chatham MA


Sunset by the Breaker


The Summer of 2013

We will not be staying at the 4 Gables this year… Bruce found us a great new place that we willbe staying at the week of August 10th – 17th.  It looks like a great place to stay and I can’t wait to go there again and hang out with some great friends!!!!DSC01413

Key West Florida is now over!

I can’t wait to get out of this cold weather and get on an airplane for Key West Florida for a few days!  This is what the weather will look like once we arrive there!!!


It will be a lot of fun to be there with Kevin.


Key West has come and gone… Luckily we went out of Ronald Regan Airport because of the super winter storm that we had back in February.  All the airports in the northeast were closed due to the storm.  I ended up getting 33 inches of snow during this storm.  What normally takes about 45 minutes to do my driveway, that storm took over an 1 1/2 to clear all the snow.  There were so many great places to visit when going to Key West.  I can’t wait to go back later this year because the place that I stayed at gave us 3 nights for free after staying 4 nights in February.  I will be adding some pictures later.

Welcome 2013

Welcome to Provincetown 2013.  I can't wait to see everyone up there again and all the great sites to see.

Welcome to Provincetown 2013. I can’t wait to see everyone up there again and all the great sites to see.

The Monkey Bar

Submitted Photo!!

What’s up G’s

Take a look around this basic site.  There are the menus at the top of the page with photo’s on them.  There is a countdown clock in the lower left hand corner…Take a look and leave comments if you want!

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